Your Water Table: A Collaboration of the Mountaintown Film Collective

THE SERIES, Your Water Table, captures the faces of Water Management in Colorado through six short video episodes plus a documentary film. The goal of the project was to focus on people coming together to develop locally-driven collaborative solutions to water supply challenges. What better way to tell the story than through film, capturing people’s personal stories and connections with the water they depend on.

The project was a collaboration of the Mountaintown Film Collective (MFC), featuring camera work and drone flying by Ben Saheb, camera and editing from Devon Barker (who hails from North Routt), and Greg Hamilton as the writer, director, and producer. It’s a 100% Colorado production, with a few other Front Range post-production professionals helping out on editing, motion graphics, and sound. It’s the first production of the local Mountaintown Film Collective.

“Water is essential to life,” said Kelly Romero-Heaney. She is a representative on her regional roundtable and serves as the chair of its Public Education, Participation, and Engagement committee. “How we share this increasingly scarce resource will determine the future of our livelihoods in the Yampa, White, and Green River Basins.” 

The shorts cover topics ranging from river recreation and endangered fish to drinking water, hydroelectric dams, and crop irrigation. “The goal is to make complex topics accessible to anyone,” said series director, Greg Hamilton. 

The story is told through the lens of those most affected by water systems. By getting to know them, Coloradoans better understand how precious the water, that is often taken for granted, is. Drought doesn’t just affect ranchers and farmers. Drought affects every one in the community. Water challenges and successes don’t end in Colorado. Water that flows in Colorado flows downstream from here all the way to Mexico. Understanding your water table is key to protection and preservation. AWA

ELEVATE THE ARTS: View the series at Need filmography? Contact the Mountaintown Film Collective. MFC is an organization of working film professionals based in the Yampa Valley (or with roots here). The MFC currently has 19 members (and growing) who bring talents ranging from cinematography and drone camera work to editing, fieldwork, screen writing, and post-production.